Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekly Theme Update & Etsy Sellers Wanted

I have been giving some thought to my weekday themes. I had originally thought I would do Free Friday, but what it comes down to, is that my Sample Saturday will be too similar. So I have decide I will try to do Feature Friday instead of Free Friday. Feature Friday posts will be either written by a guest OR I will select a blog I would like to highlight OR I will feature an etsy store or something of the like. Therefore, if you have any interest in writing a post for my blog, being featured on my blog in some capacity, or if you have an etsy store you would like me to promote (I will charge you no advertising fees)...please let me know! (If you are an interested etsy seller please contact me via email at for further information.)

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If you haven't already, enter giveaway #1 HERE!

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  1. Hey Ashley, I just found you via 20 something bloggers. If you're looking for a guest blogger, I'd love to! :)