Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ashley's Allowance Makeover Madness

I am looking to revamp Living on Ashley's Allowance! I am looking to create a more user friendly, more organized blog. I am not all to computer savvy, so I am turning to you for help! For instance, I would love to create a relevant banner for Living on Ashley's Allowance (to include my button). I would also love to have tabs at the top or side of my page to redirect traffic, questions, and information in a more organized manner. I feel like a lot of valuable space is being wasted with the template I have now.

Can you, or someone you know- help me out? Any little bit of information would be ever so greatly appreciated! In fact, in return I would be happy to advertise, promote, or feature you (your blog or company) here on Living on Ashley's Allowance. In some circumstances, it would also be my pleasure to advertise you (your blog or company) on my blog with a LIFETIME advertisement!

I would also consider paying the right person for there time and efforts.

Interested in the slightest?

Please leave me a comment here or email me at and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible! Thanks!

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