Sunday, July 5, 2009

Savings Sunday: All You Grocery Challenge

I was not able to get out to grab a Sunday paper today, therefore unable to get my P&G coupons. While right now it is okay (because I am not in need for any of the products atm), but I will not have them to add to my coupon stockpile. Oh well.

A few days ago I did pick up a copy of All You magazine. I remember reading about it in a blog, but in this month's issue, they introduced a grocery challenge. The challenge is to spend $25.00 per person a week, for example a family of 4 would have a $100 weekly grocery budget. Only food items are included in the $25 budget (therefore it is okay if you spend more due to toiletries and household products). You can sign up until July 12 and the challenge starts on July 13, lasting 4 weeks! I am excited about it! My boyfriend and I would then have a weekly budget of $50 for food shopping which I think is doable as our last grocery bill was $77 and that included household products (paper towel, deodorant, and toilet paper). For us, I think it is totally possible and I am interested in how I will make out! If you are interested you can sign up at All You online. You could win a $1000 grocery card and a year's supply of Knorr side dishes!

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  1. $25 is no problem :) You just have to buy what's on sale, and stock up on things that can last and are on sale.

    Like this past week, porterhouse steak was half price so we had steak for dinner and got some to freeze for later. Yum!

  2. Helloooo. I found you on 20SB this morning, and I thought you might be somewhat interested in my blog - every friday I do a "Freebie Fridays" which clearly you do something very similar to.

    Just thought I would drop in and say heyyy.

    Ps. The boss cologne is totally one of my freebies for this friday.. shhhh don't tell anyone!