Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wild Wednesday: Grocery Shopping

Today we finally got around to our weekly grocery shop. We went to Stop & Shop like usual and I feel like our list wasn't all too big this week. We still had a lot of meat in the freezer, so we only bought sausage (2.99 on sale) and Ball Park hot dogs (BOGO or 2/3.99).

Along with our receipt came a $2.00 off any ONE Morningstar Farms Burgers!

  • Our total price before savings $115.74
  • Our total savings: $39.28
  • Tax paid: $0.92
  • Our total AFTER savings (and tax): $77.38.
Therefore, overall we saved about 34% this week.
Which is not so hot, but definitely better than nothing.
What is the most you have saved on a weekly grocery shop?

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