Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wild Wednesday: Stop & Shop + CVS

Wild Wednesday it is!

Today while on my lunch break I scooted over to CVS to partake in a few sales I had my eye on:
At CVS I bought:
Chex Mix on sale for 2/3$ -1.00/2 coupon= $2.00
Lays Potato Chips BOGO - 1$ off 2 coupon= $2.99

Total BEFORE sales, coupons, or ECBs: $13.96
My Total (after coupons and sales) : $4.99
ECB: - $2.00
Total OOP: $2.99
Total Savings (with ECB included): $10.97 or 78% (I think?)

This afternoon we went grocery shopping at Stop & Shop when I got home from work. (We typically go food shopping on Wednesdays... so you will probably be reading about my food savings most Wednesdays.)
Stop & Shop
Total BEFORE Savings: $106.75
Total Savings: $40.44 or 38% (I think? correct me if I'm wrong!!)
Total AFTER Savings: $66.31 (Total OOP)

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  1. Oh man, how I LOVE coupons! Where do you ge your coupons? If you don't get them through mypoints, you should. That's where I get mine, and each time you redeem one, you get ten points in your account. Once you have 1400ish points, you can request a giftcard for a number of places. There are plenty of other ways to get points, too. I got a CVS giftcard a few months ago, and I am nearing the amount of points I need for another giftcard. I haven't decided which this will be, though. If you're interested in this site, comment me on my blog with your email address - I won't post it, but I will refer you to this site!

    If you've already got somewhere for your coups, please share? I'm always looking for more!