Monday, April 5, 2010

Recent Rhode Island Rain

As you may know, the east coast had recently been slammed with buckets and buckets of rain. The east coast happens to be where I reside; in the itty bitty state of Rhode Island to be exact. Unfortunately my teeny weeny basement floor apartment fell victim to those aforementioned buckets of rain. My kitchen and living room have flooded. Thankfully my bedroom and bathroom sit higher and therefore remained untouched. I must say we are some of the lucky ones though. There is no more standing water in my apartment. The rugs are squishy still though and stink of wet carpet smell. We did place a dehumidifer in the middle of the wet rooms, hopefully this will help to draw out some of the moisture (as well as fans).

Recently Brian & I have talked more about the wet rugs and decided we are going to rip the rugs up and have new rugs installed. This is the only way we can get the stink and wet out of this apartment. So we decided to bite bullet and cough up the expense for new wall to wall carpeting and installation.

In good time things will fall back into place. It could of been worse. There are many people whose ENTIRE homes are flooded and declared un-liveable. I am one of the lucky ones. Please bear with me as I try to return my living space to normalcy.

(Also mentioned/posted in parts on my personal blog here.)

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