Monday, October 11, 2010

I am out of the dungeon...but now I need furniture!

So, I finally moved out of the dungeon! I am now in a very large 2.5 bedroom apartment! (Hence my lack of blogging...sorry!) Although, they isn't a happy, exciting reason for my relocation... but it is nice to be in a real place of our own again!

Because it is soooo much bigger than the last place we have been on the hunt for more (and bigger) furniture. I have an entire spare bedroom with NO furniture in it. is still naked.

Brian and I began our hunt at some yard sales and newspaper ads but have struck out thus far. It's coming to look like we may have to buy some things brand new. For example, the dining table I have right now is a lot like the pub sets or bistro sets as seen at I LOVE this table BUT I have a real dining room now and need something bigger if I ever plan on hosting a dinner party, which I do plan on doing on Friday! EEK! Looks like some of us will be standing to eat!

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