Monday, January 3, 2011

Retried Rite Aid & Walgreens Shop

Today I did swing by Walgreens on my lunch break and picked up (2) Coffeemate Creamers.
They were on sale B1G1 at $2.49.
I used (2) -$1.00 Coffeemate Creamer coupons bringing my cost to 2 for $0.49 or $0.25 each!
I saved $4.49 or 90%!

I was also able to stop at another Rite Aid and they did have the Colgate Toothpaste I was looking for! It was priced at $0.99 and I used a -$1.00 colgate coupon so I ended up only paying tax!

Bringing my grand total for todays shopping to $0.56 from $5.98, saving me about 92%!

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  1. I love finding fellow couponers! :) Thanks for sharing your deals.

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