Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Christmas Shopping Has Begun!

Settling into the new place has not been as easy and quick as I was hoping. But the place is becoming to feel more like home slowly but surely. Finally one month after moving in I was able to figure out how the hook the wireless up once and for all. My office is now all put together, I would still like to get a little area rug and sitting/reading chair to make it just that much more cozy. But it's finally organized and functional.

Brian and I will be hosting Thanksgiving for both of our families this year here at our new place. We are looking forward to it and beginning to piece our menu together so hopefully it will go smoothly...we've never had to cook for so many people before! I am sure it will be interesting to say the least.

This morning I actually placed my first Christmas shopping order! One store I placed an order at online was American Eagle Outfitters (, one of my favorite stores. I was able to get a few things for one of my sisters as well as some stocking stuffers for Brian! All on a really good clearance sale with FREE SHIPPING! Now through 11/14 they are offering free shipping on all orders. You do not need a promo code which is nice so if you have a coupon code you can score even a sweeter deal!!!

Now that my life is slowly gaining some order I will be in a better place to post more regularly. I have been enjoying my vacation this week just relaxing and tying up some loose ends. But I've missed blogging and feel I have been neglecting soo many great you will be seeing more of me here!

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