Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trashy Tuesday: Broken Crayons

I love my Tightwad Gazette. I highly recommend borrowing it from your local library or getting it from paperback swap as it is a GREAT resource. It may be a bit dated now but it is still a good reference book. I got my copy from paperback swap recently and thankful that I had it this past weekend. I was going through my scrapbooking material and found a handful of broken/pieces of crayons. I took a flip through The Tightwad Gazette and found "What to do with...crayon bits"!

On page 59, Amy Dacyczyn (1992) suggests to "place a variety of colors in a muffin tin and melt in the oven. Cool. This makes a scribble cookie. Each one has its own unique color and pattern. Use for an inexpensive stocking stuffer.

I love this idea! I have put all my broken crayons together and can not wait to try this! I will let you know how it goes when I am able to get around to it!

Have any other ideas with what do to with broken crayons?


  1. Something that we did with crayons when I was in first grade was to take scissors and scrape off little shavings from several different crayons onto wax paper (in this case, it was shaped as a butterfly, if I remember correctly). Then, when it was more or less evenly covered (we are talking first grade here), a second butterfly-shaped piece of wax paper was laid on top and it was ironed, making a suncatcher. I think using broken crayons would be ideal for this (and probably what we used too) because who wants to scrape up their brand new crayons? ;)

  2. That sounds like a fun idea! I'll have to give it a try...Thanks!